Our mission is to make a difference in patient care through incrementally positive changes to Healthcare Administration business processes each & every day.


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Hims.ai has been developed by HyperOffice on its WorkMap.ai platform. As a pioneer in cloud-based, software as a service (SaaS) solutions since 2004, HyperOffice has worked with thousands of innovative companies across the world and served millions of professionals across industries. With operating teams in the US, Japan, India, and Armenia, we design and develop modern cloud based solutions that replace legacy and manual systems and streamline business processes in Healthcare. Our culture is based on honesty, responsibility and knowledge of cutting-edge technologies. These attributes allow us to provide high quality digital transformation solutions that build strong long-term relationships with our clients.


Hims.ai is a leading pioneer in the Healthcare BPM (business process management) sector offering a comprehensive suite of pre-built applications and a “no-code” data management and workflow automation solution designed for streamlining common business processes in Healthcare administration. Business processes that are being managed through spreadsheets, pdf forms, and manual processes can now be managed through Hims.ai – a modern, secure, and scalable cloud based platform.


We believe in working with, and through, extraordinary people, excellent processes, and superior technology platforms, to create and deliver continuous and long-lasting value to our clients.

Product Portfolio

Resource Matching and Deployment – Workforce Optimization

Healthcare HR Apps

COVID Data Management

Nurse Scheduling

Lab Data Management

No-code workflow management

Relational database application builder

Enterprise grade collaboration

Real time team communication

Customer Experience/Digital Experience products

Sampling of Customers