Data Management for Healthcare Admin.

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Simple, Intuitive, Powerful is a powerful database management system that doesn’t feel like one! You can use our simple and fun interface to create tables, build relations, create rules, to craft something that feels just like the business app you require.

Real-time data management for today is built for the real time web, and incorporates new information management approaches that traditional systems like MS Access and spreadsheets lack.

Anywhere Access

Access your database apps anywhere with just an internet connection.

Team Based

Allow your team members to access and contribute to your apps

Real Time

Team members can simultaneously contribute to your app in real time

Click Optimized

Reduce the effort of switching back and forth between tables

Beautiful Web Forms to collect data

Create beautiful web forms to collect data from the world

  • Multiple forms per table
  • Drag and drop customization
  • Add your brand
  • Custom events on form submission
  • Sub forms

Gain insights with Reports & Queries

Query your information across tables and present it in a tailored format

Report Designer

Find exactly the data you need, and finely tailor the presentation based on the requirements of your stakeholders.

Public Reports

Slide and dice your data, and present it to the world.