Workflows on auto pilot

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Put people front and center of processes

Make people a key cornerstone of your processes, where responsibilities are assigned and tracked.


Assign responsibilities by process stage, conditions, or any other criteria.

Tasks & Notifications

Allow users to keep on top of their responsibilities and never miss anything.

Workflows meet tables

Manage workflows in a simple and familiar tabular structure. Easily see your information evolve in a single intuitive view.

Self driving processes

Automations are a fun yet powerful way to manage everything about your process – how information behaves, who is responsible, who is notified, when things happen etc.

If then

Set “if this, then that” rules. Almost anything is possible.


Automate assignments with pre-defined rules.


Perform maths operations on your information.


String, Boolean, logical and other operations


Design and send emails based on rules


Determine how information moves across steps

Connected Workflows

Set up workflows which interact with each other

Date & Time

Make things happen on specific dates and times.