No-Code Toolkit – Rollout in less than a week

COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking & Distribution

90% of the effort of vaccine distribution is administrative. Pick and choose the exact tools to streamline and automate your COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

COVID Vaccine Registration

Gather important information centrally and allow recipients to self register for vaccinations.

COVID Vaccination Tracker

Manage vaccine distribution, tracking, and reporting in one online place.

CDC IIS Data Requirements

Meet your CDC compliance requirements by gathering all necessary data in a centralized, real-time repository.

Vaccine Provider Registration

Recruit organizations that can help your health system with vaccine administration.

Vaccination Reminders App

Automatically send notifications and reminders to recipients so that they can receive their follow up dose.

Find your Phase

A simple quiz that helps vaccine recipients determine if they qualify for the current phase of vaccine administration.

Vaccine Consent Form

Get digital consent from your patients and store it centrally.

Nurse Registration Questionnaire

Organize the effort of getting your front line staff vaccinated..

Your Unique Processes's flexible structure can accommodate almost any administrative process!


It has been instrumental has been instrumental in gathering our resources into one database that can be used across lines of service and has been especially helpful as we continue working in a virtual platform.

Jennifer M. Graham – Executive Director, American Red Cross