the new way to

automate healthcare admin

Break free of grunt work
Automate transactional tasks
Automate notifications, assignments, & PDFs
Centralize data in one online team app
Improve trust & transparency
Reduce duplication of data & effort


How satisfied are we? Very! allows us to automate manual paper processes, and take data from emails, phone calls, Excel spreadsheets into our online app – an accessible, correct, single source of information.

Taylor Martin – Manager, Clinical Resource Team, MGH Hospital

Stunningly Simple

Designed for hospital staff not nerds – delightful and simple to use.

Do More Better Faster

with what you have

Our pre-built apps for healthcare admin & HR processes let you get started pronto!

Balance resources in real-time

Identify, match and redeploy surplus resources to offset critical shortages (staffing, assets) across your organization

One-click matching & redeployment

Automated workflows & notifications

Real-time visibility across organization

Less grunt work & more informed decision-making

Transform manual forms & processes into automated online apps

Gather information, assign responsibilities, and notify assignees all in one place. Works with web forms, or even your existing forms!

New Employee Onboarding

Personal Action Form

Security & Access Request

Your Existing PDF Forms

Gather, share, analyze & publicly display COVID19 data

Manage all your covid-19 data needs in including gathering, analyzing, lab results, or sharing data with internal stakeholders and the public.

Incidence data

Testing and tracing data

Public data communication

Laboratory research data

Healthcare Admins use for..

Data Management

Centralize disparate data inputs into a single, centralized, online source of information. Slide, dice and visually represent your data any way you like.


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Workflow Automation

Reduce transactional communication and busy work by automating workflow steps, notifications, assignments, calculations – basically anything!


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No process beyond automation

Do it yourself in a snap is an no-code platform which you can easily tailor to your own healthcare admin. process. Best of all, you can give IT a rest, and do it yourself with no technical expertise.

Let us do it for you

Let our professional services team step into your shoes and design/build your custom apps based on your specifications

Make AI & RPA work for you

Save yourself from busy work by automating repetitive and manual tasks cuts grunt work & lets us move to conversations that add value

Taylor Martin, MGH

Ticking all the boxes


Multi-user, anytime & anywhere, no downloads


Hosted on Google cloud platform | HIPAA & GDPR compliant


Requires no technical expertise or IT resources. Easily configure workflow automations, webforms & reports


Built for enterprise-grade workloads & millions of records

AI : Automation Intelligence

Value Added Pricing enables organizations to easily automate their manual admin. processes, rapidly reallocate resources spent on grunt work to higher value contributions and do more, better, faster with what they have. You get…

  • Pre-built healthcare admin. database apps with relational tables, custom web forms, sub-forms, formulas & custom reports
  • Workflow automations with stages, automations engine, no-code rules-based logic, tasks, assignments & notifications
  • HIPAA & GDPR compliant
  • Hosted on secure & scalable Google cloud platform
  • Built for enterprise-grade workloads & millions of records
  • Dedicated client success manager
  • 24/7 priority support


Allows us to collaborate online securely

Because it is web based, our team members can access their data and applications from anywhere, anytime, making us more responsive to our clients and more productive without adding more resources or hours.
Paula Welsh – CEO, Community Concepts Nursing Services pays for itself

You break even if you save even 15 minutes of time a week. In fact, each employee stands to save hundreds of slog hours each year wasted on trivial tasks. This time can be diverted towards more value added efforts.

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